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Retirement Income Strategies For Life

If you’re in or near retirement, you need retirement income strategies that work. Our work at DPG Senior Signature Solutions focuses on three core areas when planning for retirement:

  1. Keeping Your Money Safe
  2. Seeking Reasonable Rates of Return**
  3. Keep Your Strategy Simple

No one should have to worry about losing their principal in retirement. Instead, we help clients retire confidently.

Learn about methods for protecting your savings at one of our upcoming events. Or, give us a call.

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About DPG Senior Signature Solutions

Our Founder

Dustin Grimes

comes from generations of honest, hard-working small business owners. At DPG Senior Signature Solutions, that legacy continues.

Now, we’ve had the privilege of working with over 1,000 people in securing their financial futures. We do this by educating clients on how to protect their assets first and foremost. Also, we can help you with retirement income strategies that ensure you never run out of money.

What Happens If

The market Goes Down?

Of course, the stock market has ups and downs. So, if your money is in the market, your account could experience this roller coaster as well. The question is: could your account recover from a drop in the market?

For people who want to know that their principal is safe regardless of market swings, we have options for you. Using certain annuity and life insurance products, many of our clients achieve the safety of their principal while still seeing reasonable returns**.

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Why We're Different

Until you meet with a retirement agent, it can be hard to tell each of them apart. Why does someone work with one person over another? While there are many competent retirement professionals out there, DPG Senior Solutions is unique in the way we work with clients. We bring a positive energy and deep passion to everything we do. In fact, we carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, our work has been recognized by other professionals and we’ve trained hundreds around the country on our client-focused approach.

Ultimately, it starts with making sure you have the information you need. We don’t force anything. We allow you to take your time, and make the decision that is best for you. We’re different because we care.

Keeping It Simple

The question is: will you outlive your money or will your money outlive you? If you want to ensure you never run out, we have a simple process to help. Even if you have uncertainty as retirement approaches, you can learn about safe money options now. At our educational events, we’ll show you multiple ways to protect your hard-earned savings. We also, however, make sure to help you make strategies that are simple and easy to understand.

Keep Your Money Safe

When you’re growing wealth, you might use a “buy and hold” strategy. While you’re still working, that might be ok. That’s because if the stock market goes down while you’re still working, its likely that you have time to recover losses before retirement. However, once you aren’t working anymore, keeping your money safe becomes even more important. Protecting your money in retirement is a top prioroty. At DPG Senior Solutions, we know how critical it is. First, protection. Then, potential growth. Reach out to learn how this strategy might work for you.

Keep A Reasonable
Rate of Return**

Protection is important, but having a reasonable rate of return** matters, too. Our firm believes that both are possible in retirement. In fact, we’ll show you ideas and products that can keep your principal safe, yet still, get a reasonable return**. Once you know your options, keeping a reasonable rate of return** is easier than you might think.

Learn About

"Safe Money" At A Seminar

Throughout Ohio, we hold educational seminars to help people learn alternatives to risky retirement investments. At these events, guests enjoy a complimentary delicious meal and get information about the latest issues impacting retirement. We discuss ways to feel empowered in retirement and how to secure an income for life. In addition, we review how market conditions may impact certain retirement accounts and what you can do about it.

Get A Second Opinion On Your Strategy for Retirement

Curious as to what your retirement options might be? We offer no-cost appointments to review your portfolio and discuss your goals. Then, we work together to find solutions that are right for you. No matter what happens in the stock market, you can have a safe and secure retirement savings.

Reach out now to learn how.
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