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Recession Now Pushed to 2024?

Recession Now Pushed to 2024? A recession is a significant and prolonged decline in economic activity within a country or region. It is typically characterized by a decrease in various economic indicators, including a contraction in gross domestic product, reduced consumer spending, rising unemployment rates, and decreased business investment. Recessions can have various causes, including

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prolonged grief disorder senior spouses in grief together

Prolonged Grief Disorder

What is Prolonged Grief Disorder? Prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is a mental health condition characterized by intense grief lasting for an extended period following the death of a loved one. The diagnosis and treatment of PGD are not yet standardized in the way more established mental health conditions are. However, mental health professionals can provide

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social security benefits

Social security benefits

The Future of Social Security The Social Security Administration periodically analyzes the program’s financial security, adjusting various factors to ensure its ongoing sustainability. However, it’s been suggested by many reports that it will suffer a benefit reduction in 2033.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that most millennials have said they won’t be factoring Social Security into

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